Supporting the AH Warren Trust

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AH Warren Trust future proofs their critical IT Services business communications with Eloquent’s cloud-based technology


The challenge

AH Warren Trust, a large farming enterprise, had not invested in their IT for a few years. The business identified IT as a critical part of the organisation and needed to replace the current IT solution to support the business moving forward. They realised that greater resilience and faster speeds were required, so they turned to Eloquent to migrate their network to the Eloquent cloud.

The solution

  • Cloud-based solution hosted in Eloquent’s secure data centre

  • 100 MB leased line connectivity with secure ‘on-net’ access

  • IT support and consultancy

  • End user support and procurement services

The benefits

  • Resilience: enterprise-class redundancy to maximise uptime and scalability

  • Security: robust safety measures in place to ensure against cyber attack or unplanned downtim

  • Speed: high speed internet connectivity for more seamless day-to-day operations


AH Warren Trust has been at the forefront of pioneering farming principles since 1943. The mainstay of their success is innovative farming: they have identified organic farming as a chance to diversify and specialise.

Their 2,000 acres of Soil Association, organic farmland has allowed them the opportunity to launch, partner with and support many other rural enterprises. As well as several commercial tenants on the estate, they have Milk Pool, Storage, Retail, Solar and Mail Order businesses that benefit directly from their financial and managerial support.


Consultancy and auditing prior to deployment

AH Warren Trust’s legacy network infrastructure had been developed in-house five years ago. It was not a conventional set-up as it has been designed to meet their immediate needs and, over time, challenges arose. It was quite difficult for others to support, with ageing on-premised hardware and various add-ons, cabling and hardware tacked on over the years.

AH Warren Trust’s lead engineer supported the system as best he could, but there came a point when they needed greater continuity and a more resilient solution, particularly since they are based in quite a remote location.

Eloquent came on board to carry out a detailed audit of the legacy infrastructure and provided AH Warren Trust with a comprehensive report of where improvements could be made. AH Warren Trust’s lead engineer had moved to Eloquent by this point, so it was advantageous in the transitional period to keep continuity with regard to the network support.


Positive results

After some complex design and deployment planning, Eloquent migrated the majority of the network and now host AH Warren Trust’s servers on their cloud platform. The network is stable and resilient, with no serious issues or downtime.

AH Warren Trust also have third party commercial tenants on site with business-critical operations, so it was very important to ensure that the network was secure and robust across the entire site.
The 100MB high speed leased line has increased connectivity speeds which has in turn led to more seamless, efficient day-to-day operations and increased staff productivity.


"Prompt communication and responsive"


“Eloquent provide us with an excellent service and very good support. They would come and see us to discuss any issues and, 48 hours later, they usually had a resolution. I am impressed with their prompt communication and responsive attitude.

"I would have no hesitation in recommending their network services to any other business.”

- Matt Tufton, Joint Managing Director at AH Warren Trust

Great support

David Ford, Director at Eloquent Technologies, added,

“For a growing business like AH Warren Trust, who manage multiple tenants on site, a secure cloud solution is an essential part of their working environment. Eloquent’s cloud-based technology, securely hosted in our data centre, has ensured that AH Warren Trust has everything they need for future expansion.”


"We are always on hand to offer our expert knowledge."

- David Ford, Director at Eloquent Technologies


Future plans

AH Warren Trust are in the process of considering a new telephony solution. After several discussions, Eloquent have advised them that the technology is not right for them to change at the moment and there would also be a significant capital cost outlay for upgrading all of the handsets. This honest, consultative approach reflects Eloquent’s integrity and expertise, recommending the most appropriate solution to meet AH Warren Trust’s specific needs.