Supporting your IT in-house can present many stressful challenges such as lack of skilled resources, time and budget

At Eloquent, our Managed Services team has the experience and technical expertise to really understand your business. We can help you yield the greatest return on your IT investment (ROI), unburdening you from day-to-day infrastructure operations, allowing you to focus on strategic projects to drive your business forward.

With the support of Eloquent's Managed Services and the bespoke services we offer, you can rest assured knowing that IT support will be provided 24/7. Our IT support services are proactively monitored at all times, and you can choose from onsite, remote or third line support.


The benefits of managed IT services

How can Eloquent support your business?

Reduce costs

By implementing best practice strategies, we aim to reduce your ongoing IT operating overheads.

Mitigate business riskk

We have rigorous SLAs in place and proactively manage your systems to identify and address potential problems before they occur.


Our flexible, scalable managed services are tailored to meet your specific business needs and can be scaled up or down, as required.


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Security is the glue that holds our business together

At Eloquent, security is never an afterthought: it's a critical part of our Managed IT Services. We ensure that you have complete peace of mind at all times, knowing that your data is protected and regularly backed up.

From patch management, encryption and email/password security, to anti-virus software and firewalls, security is a given with Eloquent. We focus on prevention, and then monitor and detect threats to your system in real-time, taking immediate action when required, to protect your business.

With a focus on anti-virus and malware protection, you can rest assured that your systems are compliant with data protection regulations and are only accessible by the right people, all backed up by our reliable hosting and robust network connectivity.

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Cloud services

Cloud services - secure, reliable, flexible

Take advantage of our full suite of Managed IT Services in the cloud. At Eloquent, we not only design, configure, and maintain your cloud-based systems, we can also help you interface your on premise hardware with other public cloud managed services such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Dropbox for Business.

Eloquent's network is a full MPLS transit network with RIPE NCC and LINX members.

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Case study

"We can leave the management and support of our network in Eloquent's capable hands"
Wellington Motors search for an IT partner with automotive industry expertise to provide exceptional end-user support, email, and network solutions
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Driven by digital excellence, Eloquent has a range of bespoke, best-in-class solutions to meet your IT needs. 

What makes Eloquent stand out is our experience, backed by customer-first ethos, quality of service and dedicated support.

  • Scalable, high-speed bespoke hosting
  • One of the UK's fastest networks
  • Risk management for business-critical systems
  • End-to-end IT consultancy and 24/7 support
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