Meet the Team

Mike Hodgkinson

Service Desk Manager

Mike joined the team in March 2021 as our ‘Service Desk Manager’ From dancing to the sound of modem dial-up in a Server room in 1999 where his career began, to managing the latest technologies across multiple MSPs, Mike has been able to gain a good understanding of all businesses, their needs and how to deliver those efficiently. Mike has gained a great technical base working at all levels on a Service Desk and has since used those skills to develop Service Desks and see them flourish! He backs this up by saying this is why he gets up for work every morning…it’s a genuine passion! Outside of work Mike is a dad of three children (13, 12 and 7). On his “non-Dad” days, Mike can be found in the gym, out on his mountain bike or playing on one of the many games’ consoles located in every room of his house! Oh, and he can bake #NotYetVerified