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Scott Marshall 2

Scott Marshall

Operations Director

Scott joined the Eloquent Team in 2019 as a Client Director. Since this time, Scott has proven himself to be quite the Operational Guru and has made such a monumental amount of positive change within Operations and Client Relations. Scott’s experience of leadership, and his thought-provoking approach to mentoring has been incredibly valuable and for this reason, we have appointed Scott as our Operations Director. Scott’s experience within Corporate Account Management is incredibly impressive…check out his LinkedIn profile for more info. You can also always tell when Scott is around as his enthusiasm doesn’t have volume control! On those rare occasions that Scott isn’t thinking about work, he is a Dr Dolittle stunt double – well that’s how he describes it… with 4 dogs, 4 musk turtles, various tropical fish, and two teenagers at home! Scott also has a passion for Rugby Union, and is a fully qualified Coach for multiple Rugby teams in Warwickshire.