Is your network infrastructure up to the demands of high volume, on-site and remote access across multiple devices?

With an ever-increasing amount of data traffic, a secure and carefully designed network is vital, whether you need to securely transfer data, eliminate security threats or improve productivity.

At Eloquent, our core offering is a resilient and fully supported IT network, with the focus on quality of service, high speed connectivity and compliance.

How is our network different?


Built from the ground up, our fully-owned, robust network infrastructure gives you access to one of the fastest, most resilient networks in the UK.

Efficiency and reliability

All of our services are monitored and proactively managed, 24/7.

Multiple data centres

Eloquent's network is based within five ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited UK data centres (three in London and two outside). These locations have all been chosen for access to ultra high-speed network connectivity and resilience.

In-house support

Because we own and maintain the network infrastructure and provide all the support, we don't need to rely on expensive third party providers to deliver our IT solutions.

Peace of mind

We will give you complete confidence, knowing that your data is secure and safeguarded at all times.

We offer a wide range of high-speed, resilient network services

With Eloquent's network, you can choose multiple carrier connections and high bandwidth connections, all competitively priced. We also offer public cloud connectivity services, and direct links to third party service providers that do not cross the public internet, for a guaranteed quality of service.

Eloquent's network is a full MPLS transit network with RIPE NCC and LINX members.

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Case study

"Eloquent provide us with an excellent service and very good support. They would come and see us to discuss any issues and, 48 hours later, they usually had a resolution."
AH Warren Trust future proofs their critical IT Services business communications with Eloquent’s cloud-based technology
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Our range of technologies include:


MPLS connects multiple sites using our high-speed, private network for maximum security and resilience. You don't need to purchase and manage multiple firewalls, as your traffic is routed within your own secure VPN.

Point-to-point circuits

Point-to-point connectivity provides a dedicated fibre link to connect two or more buildings, keeping your business-critical systems running seamlessly across multiple sites. It's ideal for businesses with several office locations that need fast, private, dedicated connectivity to support centralised resources.


Our firewall technology offers superior capabilities and threat management including anti-spam, anti-virus and web filtering to protect your business at all times. With a range of dedicated appliances starting with throughput ratings of 60Mbps and scaling to 10Gbps, we are able to provide the right level of protection to meet your needs.

Leased lines

Our fully-managed leased lines provide uninterrupted, enterprise-grade connectivity, symmetrical upload and download speeds. We offer very competitive SLAs and dedicated fibre lines for every customer, meaning you'll never have to contend for bandwidth again.


Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) replaces copper with fibre optic cables, so broadband speeds can be increased, providing up to 40Mbs download and 10Mbs upload. The added benefit is backup internet access to leased lines for optimum failover.


Fourth generation technology provides backup internet access, with excellent 4G signal, when FTTC is not available.

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Driven by digital excellence, Eloquent has a range of bespoke, best-in-class solutions to meet your IT needs. 

What makes Eloquent stand out is our experience, backed by customer-first ethos, quality of service and dedicated support.

  • Scalable, high-speed bespoke hosting
  • One of the UK's fastest networks
  • Risk management for business-critical systems
  • End-to-end IT consultancy and 24/7 support
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