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Desktop as a Service

Resilient, simple and secure - our Desktop as a Service platform is the perfect solution.

What is Hosted Desktop?

Hosted Desktops take all your IT requirements and puts them in the Cloud for a single per user per month cost. That means no more servers with associated hardware and maintenance costs. Hosted Desktop gives you secure access to everything you need from anywhere, at any time and on any device. Improving security, speed and reliability whilst reducing costs, hosted desktop is fully supported 24/7 x 365 allowing the provisioning of users to take minutes or hours, instead of days or weeks.

What problem does it solve?

This solution can address remote working needs, simplify IT headaches and provide a common desktop platform that is a resilient, simple to support and provides an exceptional user experience. Eloquent’s experts can lockdown and secure the desktop, safeguarding your data and reduce reliance on your internal IT team.

The Hosted Desktop server will be managed by Eloquent and accessed via the Internet. All of the desktop servers site in Eloquent highly secure datacentres and resilient.

Stay Secure;

DDoS and Ransom- ware protection is delivered as part of the resilient infra- structure

Data Security;

Data is encrypted, and backup securely stored in the cloud

Two-factor Authentication;

Optional two-factor authentication will incease user security

User Control;

Control user access and security to data and apps in a detailed and granular way

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Solution benefits

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