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Software Defined Networks (SD-WAN)

Essential for delivering Cloud services

What is it?

The world is changing in to an increasingly mobile-first world. Business-critical applications are now running across multiple clouds and data centres. To meet these new challenges Eloquent’s managed SD-WAN services can, rapidly and securely, improve the performance of your users applications; monitored, managed and supported 24×7.

What is the threat?

As the world moves from using applications that are traditionally delivered on servers hosted on premises to cloud applications, the network requirements are very different. SD-WAN have come out of the requirement for a network that is more intelligent and easier to manage.

How does it work?

The key to the success of SD-WAN is intelligence. The network has moved from traditional routing and basic network devices, to a software defined network where Eloquents expert engineers can configure the rules and options in a much more granular way. SD-WAN gives us the control and intelligence to be able to setup a network dynamically so it works for you and gives your users the best application experience possible.

What problem does it solve?

Cloud and Networks specialists

As the experts in multi-cloud provider environments we can help you design a solution that will work for you.

Unrivalled commercial flexibility

We offer an unmatched level of commercial flexibility helping you scale your network infrastructure around your business growth.

Cybersecurity specialist

Penetration testers and fully accredited qualified security assessors, compliance and Black Hat training provider.

Trusted Partner

With a strong partner portfolio, we identify the best solution to fit your needs to help you solve your connectivity challenges and advise on your configuration. Consulting and the ability to deliver 24×7 delivery – We provide consultancy to continually improve and optimise your network estate.

Project managed depoloyed

Eloquent will work with you to set up a roll out plan to manage deployment, including configuration of your solution.

24x7x365 monitoring

Constant monitoring of all devices, five-hour on-site engineer replacement.

What are the benefits of SD-WAN?

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