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The automotive sector has its own specific requirements regarding IT systems. Many of these are born of the demands from the brand you represent. When you represent multiple brands the demands just get greater. You may be a single dealership, or a group of dealerships spread across a large geographic area. Either way you can benefit from our experience in your sector not just in terms of support for your computer systems but also in strategic IT Management advice.

Automotive Knowledge is key

With multiple systems like your DMS, manufacturer integrations, manufacturer systems, showroom/prospecting system, Vehicle Health Checks, FCA compliance, fleet servicing systems, etc. you need a simple way for your staff to access support and get these issues resolved.

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Get better value from your IT spend

Small to medium groups may be thinking they can now afford the IT Manager price tag. You will certainly get 100% dedicated time from that person, when they are there. But of course, they will want to take holidays and may be off sick at times. For the price of an IT Manager you can outsource to a company that will provide a fully staffed IT department & IT Manager to help you and your team with any issue any time, regardless of holiday or sickness.

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Why Us?

Dedicated HelpDesk

Access to our helpdesk to ensure you issues are resolved quickly and efficiently so your staff can continue to operate.

Single Point of Contact

To ensure all your systems are talking to each other. Where you have complex integration issues, we will talk to both parties on your behalf to ensure the issue is resolved.

IT Manager

Access to an IT Manager as and when required, without the IT Manager price tag.

System Monitoring

The health of your systems monitored 24 x 7 x 365 to ensure we know of potential issues before they become problems.

Professional engineers

In-depth knowledge of many of the systems you use daily.

User administration

Starters and leavers included in the price, not a chargeable “change request”.

Efficient IT budgeting

We work to help you get the best value out of your IT budget

Strategic Advice

“Real world” advice to give you the options so you can make the right decisions for your business.

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