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Cloud managed services, are a massive opportunity for the insurance industry. The industry is heavy on data and processes, while insurers constantly need to stay ahead of the competition and increase customer engagement. The implementation of cloud- based applications are providing new ways to approach marketing, delivery, technology and customer service. By embracing the new world of cloud computing, our customers are in effect, turning infrastructure into a utility that is paid for when it’s used, scaled up or down based on need, and upgraded automatically. Most importantly, cloud computing enables insurers to work more flexibly and get to market quicker, while realizing major cost savings.

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Insurance Brokers depend on secure network infrastructures to serve their clients; however, they usually do not have the trained personnel to maintain and support that infrastructure. This is why more and more small- to medium- sized agencies are considering managed IT services to meet their needs. Here are a few areas where insurance brokers benefit from Eloquent Managed services:

Focus on Insurance

Time to focus on the core of the business insurance, not IT infrastructure or cybersecurity

Technical Expertise

Years of experience in the Insurance Broker industry, we understand the solutions to your challenges

Advanced Technology

business intelligence to Senior Partners and management teamto provide meaningful and understandable measurement of business KPIs.

Flexibility and Scalability

Delivering secure and compliant remote working solutions, including managing the risks around mobile devices and the associated data protection and confidentiality threats.


Eloquent will automate IT management to avoid problems from occurring in the first place


Being open and honest with customers to build confidence and trust is critical to a long term successful relationship

24/7 Support

Monitor and support its services on a 24/7/365 basis, organisations need access to their data whenever and where ever they need it.

Business-Class Service Level Agreements

Your service level agreement (SLA) should be easy for you to understand and quantitatively measurable. The best MSPs will have triggers and penalties built into your contract so that you receive credits if any SLAs are forgotten. However, the top MSPs rarely make these mistakes.


We deliver highly- responsive, secure, reliable, and cost-effective computer network systems and services via cloud, on premise or hybrid architectures.

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Benefits for Insurance Brokers

Eloquent are experts at working with insurance brokers to deliver the advantages of technology:

In a data and process driven business security is key

Resilient solutions are critical to availability

Benefit from knowledge developed working our sector

Don’t rely on unqualified internal IT resource

Reduce costs and increase efficiency using automation

Focus on insurance and let the experts take care of your IT headaches, more flexibly and get to market quicker, while realizing major cost savings.

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