We are experts at developing applications for businesses

Eloquent's in-house development team have vast experience in building diverse applications in a number of different frameworks. We're able provide our clients with bespoke software solutions, unique to their business.

We pride ourselves in using the best-of-breed technologies

This approach means that our customers maintain competitive advantage in what is already a fast-paced industry.  With an approachable, friendly culture and, by delivering a 'jargon-free' approach to the design and development of bespoke software, our customers can realise the full potential of their software.

From back office API integrations between multiple vendors and stakeholders, the journey starts with detailed workshops so that we can understand your business, stakeholders and requirements. This is an essential part of the process and is led by our skilled facilitation team.

We have experience in a wide range of solutions from logistics systems to e-commerce stores; every solution draws on the skills experience we have gained over 20 years.

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Our software development services include:

  • Hosted version control and issue management
  • Automated builds and deployment
  • Application development
  • API integrations, such as Slack
  • Chatbots, natural language processing and basic AI
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Full-stack visibility and control

We own and manage our own cloud platform, ensuring that we offer an exceptional application delivery service. We understand how infrastructure relates to applications, such as the specific storage, hosts, VMs and networks used by each app, giving us a clear view of how specific infrastructure issues impact application performance.

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  • Transformation
  • Solution

Case study

"We have worked with Eloquent over the past 8 years. As a provider of bespoke software for the motor industry, the support from Eloquent has been invaluable to successful development and implementation of our systems."
Reef Business Systems are a leader in automotive deal management software and are proud to work with Eloquent, a partner you can trust and rely on - Jamie Pearson, Reef Business Systems Ltd
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We’re here to help

Driven by digital excellence, Eloquent has a range of bespoke, best-in-class solutions to meet your IT needs. 

What makes Eloquent stand out is our experience, backed by customer-first ethos, quality of service and dedicated support.

  • Scalable, high-speed bespoke hosting
  • One of the UK's fastest networks
  • Risk management for business-critical systems
  • End-to-end IT consultancy and 24/7 support
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