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Let Eloquent remove the risk from selecting IT supplies

What is it?

Choosing the right IT equipment is an important consideration for your business. The computer is the pen and paper of the modern age and it’s a hard truth that your employees are only as good as the equipment they work on. Selecting the correct hardware and software is critical to achieving your business objectives.

What problem does it solve?

Selecting the right IT solution is a key element to the success of any business. It is a complex and diffifficult process that Eloquent can help your organisation navigate. Lean on our experience and the lessons we have learnt working with hundreds of organisations over the last decade.

How does it work?

Work with our experienced consultants to remove the risk from the process. Eloquent can also help you procure and finance your solution depending on your requirements. If required we can manage the solution moving forward or hand over to your IT team.

HaaS (Hardware as-a-Service) – HaaS is a hardware solution where we handle all your company’s hardware, including the registration, financing and Asset Management. You pay regular monthly payments where the advantage is that the utility value and the saving follow the cost.

WaaS (Workspace as a Service) – WaaS is a complete end-to-end solution where we equip your business with the necessary devices and all other IT equipment. You simply pay a monthly fee, and then we will take care of everything else.

Many businesses may prefer to not make big capital purchases when it comes to their IT. Sometimes it makes more sense to rent or lease your equipment and having the choice can make your decision a little easier.

What are the options?

We can provide a complete management of the life cycle of your IT end points or we can provide additional help and support when you need it. We offer a wide selection of products in collaboration with a number of leading manufacturers of IT equipment.



  • We offer software products from reputable suppliers
  • We (often) advise on complicated guidelines set by software vendors re: licenses
  • We are certifified by Microsoft, Adobe and more

What are the solution benefits?

Organisations choose Eloquent to supply and install their hardware and software because they trust our expertise to select the right products and services to meet their needs. Our experience will reduce the risk associated with these projects, help improve productivity and achieve your business objectives.

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