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In today’s world, your network is fundamental to your success

What is it?

Our privately-owned, business class network connects users to the information they need. Providing speedy direct connections to your business applications wherever people are working from. Today, networks need to be very flexible and fast. People are working from a variety of locations, we understand the world has changed and are ready to deliver network solutions that work in this modern workplace; at home, in the office or in the garden.

What problem does it solve?

Traditional network providers are all about fixed line traditional services. Using cutting edge technologies like 5G and SD-WAN Eloquent network provides users with flexibility and security to work from anywhere. Support of users is critical, Eloquent understand that when there is a problem it’s not just about seeing if the service is up or down. Our highly skilled service desk’s teamwork with users and IT teams, to resolve the problems that are preventing the delivery of the applications users need to be productive.

How does it work?

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) – with best-of-breed systems, tool-set and fully certified team – is on hand to keep you safe and secure, protecting you from the inside out.

What are the options?

To make the digital transformation, Eloquent use a variety of best of breed technologies. These have been selected and refined over the years. When we design and implement a network solution it solves the problems it was designed for.

What are the solution benefits?

Eloquent will work with you to navigate through the unique challenges of your organisation. Ensuring that network will cost effectively meet your business needs, whilst also reducing the risk of changing your network provider.

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