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James Harris

Service Delivery Engineer 2nd Line

James joined the Eloquent team in 2021 as a Service Delivery Engineer. With over six years of experience working in Service Delivery roles, James enjoys working with Azure and Office 365. He prides himself on giving an exceptional customer service experience and is keen to branch out on his networking knowledge. James is an outgoing

Jacob Little

Service Delivery Consultant 3rd Line

Jacob joined Eloquent in 2022 as a Service Delivery Engineer. With over six years of experience working within a Service Desk role, he was shortly promoted to his current 3rd Line positions. Fun fact about Jacob is that he loves snakes, and Crested Gecko’s. He is determined to complete his DWA license so that he is able to home more endangered animals, as well as do some preservation work with Gharial Crocs.

Leila Goff

Service Delivery Team Leader

Leila joined the Eloquent team in 2018 and has worn several different hats to figure out where she thrives within the company. Leila is now our Service Deliver Team Leader, and with her commercial experience and great customer service skills in a technical capacity, she is able to support our customers in a vast number of ways. Outside of work Leila likes to wind down after a busy day at work with design and craft projects while contending to her cats, who are adamant on helping her, but generally end up causing more work.

Thomas Payne

Security Support Analyst

Thom joined the Eloquent team in 2021 as a Service Delivery Analyst. Since then, he has progressed into multiple positions, with his current one being a Security Support Analyst, after we expanded our Security Operations team. Outside of work Thom is a fitness enthusiast and likes to take part in marathons and other charitable running events. Thom also plays in a band and is passionate about all thing’s music.

Rebecca Pearmaine

Project Manager

Rebecca joined our team in 2023, as a Project Manager. Rebecca has years of experience working within project management, especially within the IT industry, working on large client implementations projects, and supporting businesses with internal infrastructure. Rebecca is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients and team members. Outside of work Rebecca loves all things outdoors: running, camping, and dragging her not so enthusiastic daughters and partner with her.

Chris Buckman

Projects and Provisioning Coordinator

Chris joined Eloquent in 2018 as a support engineer. Since then, Chris has gone from strength to strength building relationships, and settling into the role of Projects and Provisioning Coordinator. Chris has brought a lot of structure and forward thinking to his role, and this is evident by looking at his journey with us. Outside of work Chris is passionate about running, he takes part in several marathons a year, and also enjoys photography.

Mike Wielebski

Senior Professional Services Consultant

Mike joined Eloquent in 2021 as a Professional Services Consultant. Mike brings to the table a huge amount of technical knowledge with over twenty two years of experience working within the IT industry., and for this reason he was shortly promoted to Senior Professional Services Consultant. Some interesting facts about mike: he has jumped out of an airplane over 260 times as a licensed skydiver, he is advanced in open water diving with other qualifications for scuba diving, and he has recently come a married man.

James Rolt

Senior Cloud and Infrastructure Consultant

James joined Eloquent in 2021, with over ten years of experience working for multiple MSP’s, working in various sectors including banks, schools, and law firms. James has become an essential part of the Eloquent team, demonstrating his technical knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to his work. Outside of work James enjoys socialising with friends, and sampling as many different beers and whisky’s while travelling.

Anthony Cochrane

Head of Professional Services

Anthony joined Eloquent in 2021 as one of our Professional Services Consultant. With Ant’s ability to pick up new skills at a rate of knots, Anthony has progressed very quickly during his career with Eloquent so far. With over eight years of experience within the IT industry, Ant is always looking to improve and takes on a multitude of tasks to adapt to the needs of the business and our customers.