Eloquent has planted 325 trees, which equals to 81 tonnes of carbon offset, over a 30-year period

David Ford


Since partnering with Creating Tomorrows Forest in June 2021, we have planted a total of 325 trees, which equals to 81 tonnes of carbon offset, over a 30-year period. We partnered with this organisation to do our part in helping the environment. We know that Cloud Solutions rely on servers located in data centres, which are power-intensive buildings with a significant carbon footprint. This is why we decided to take action to make an impact on our carbon offset.

Most of our trees are planted in Charlotte’s Wood, in Somerset, where the habitat supports a high diversity of rare insects, otters, and declining bird species. With the Miyawaki method being used, the trees are planted at higher densities-growing ten times faster, absorbing more carbon, and establishing a woodland ecosystem more quickly.

Charlotte’s Wood became full, from the success of simply planting so many trees they could not fit any more on the site. Therefore, our latest trees will be planted in Swanstone Wood in Devon. Swanstone Wood is a former farm which was used for intensive dairy grazing, north of Dartmoor National Park. The soil is free draining, red, loam, and will be planted with a mix of native broadleaved trees.

Eloquent will be visiting the Devon site in February, to plant our trees and learn more about what Creating Tomorrow’s Forest does to help restore biodiversity throughout the UK.

Above images taken by Hannah Schweitzer, our Finance Controller. Click here to find out more information on our Meet the Team page.