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Adam Savage

Cloud and Infrastructure Consultant

Adam recently joined the Eloquent Team in October 2020 as a ‘Cloud and Infrastructure Consultant’. With 10 years of experience working for large MSP’s, Adam’s drive and focus has led him on the path to having a great career here at Eloquent. He is already making big changes and driving us forward #UltimateTeamPlayer. By day, Adam might be a Professional Cloud Consultant…but he soon transitions into ‘silly daddy’ mode after work. Adam loves to spend all his free time with his family; his wife, two kids, and two dogs (Honey the Cavachon, and Penny the Miniature Dachshund), and having fun adventures. Adam also loves music, has watched every movie ever made (we will test him on this), and he cannot function without coffee!…Seriously, he really can’t (its like talking to a wall if he hasn’t had his caffeine fix) 😃