What is this Log4j concern? Let us explain in simple terms

David Ford


Log4j version 2 is used by millions of computers and businesses worldwide which are running online programmes such as Websites, Applications, and various other services. Log4shell is a critical vulnerability in the widely used logging tool. Jen Easterly, director of the U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, mentions that this has been the most serious vulnerability she has seen during her career, and many malicious hackers have attempted to exploit this vulnerability.

How does it work?

The intended use for this programme is to log messages from software and searches for errors, which can help developers identify issues with their software. The data range is broad, from basic browser and web page information to technical details about the system it runs on.

Not only can it create simple logs, but it can also execute commands to generate advanced logging information.

Log4shell works by abusing this feature and can lead to hackers being able to steal data or take over a user’s machine.

What have Eloquent done to prevent problems occurring?

Although this vulnerability came to widespread attention on December 10th, 2021, we were notified of this vulnerability by our partners well in advance of it going public, allowing our very experienced technical team to hit the ground running and combat potential problems before they happened.

Although reading this may seem scary, it is fortunate that us technical folk deal with situations like this regularly, meaning we know what to do when it happens. We carried out emergency maintenance to ensure all our core platforms were protected and we continue to ensure all our services are protected from any new critical vulnerabilities, with new patches implemented as swiftly as possible.

With so many vulnerabilities out there in the wild, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Therefore, Eloquent has invested extensively into Cyber security over the past 12 months, including our Continuous Vulnerability scanners to help protect our Infrastructure, and alerting us to any threats.

We have also helped several clients remediate their own infrastructure and highlighted the services and applications which are at risk and require patching.

If you are concerned that you may need help with this, or any other type of security breach, please do give us a call on 0333 800 0991 so that we can help put your mind at ease.