Eloquent’s Green Scheme

David Ford


Cloud solutions rely on servers located in datacentres, which are power intensive buildings and have a significant carbon footprint. Some of this is offset with organisations not having a local server room as a centralised system is more efficient, but how do we make a positive impact on the environment?

Over the past month, we have been working hard behind the scenes to create our own Eloquent Green Scheme. When it was Earth Day earlier this year, we thought we should take action to make an impact on our carbon offset. It also ties in perfectly with The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative, starting later on in the year to “plant a tree for the Jubilee”. With this, we have partnered up with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests, in a push to go green by planting trees and creating our own Eloquent Forest. So far we have planted 50 trees this month with many more to be planted in the coming months.

We are also excited to announce we will be introducing our Eloquent Green Scheme into our sales process. We will commit to plant 5 trees in our Eloquent Forest, for every £1,000 month spend that a customer agrees for a new solution or service with us.

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