Ransomware Awareness – Common types of Ransomware

David Ford


With the ongoing increase of Ransomware attacks by the day, we want to raise awareness of the most common types of Ransomware used by hackers.

Scareware – Scareware is the most common type of ransomware. Scaring users, tricking them into paying up. This comes in the form of fake antivirus software, where pop up messages advise your computer has health issues and payment is required in order to fix the issues.

Locker Ransomware – The malware enters the device and locks it all down. The user then cannot log into the device as a device will be displayed indicating to a lock ransomware.

Crypto Ransomware – Hackers lurk on the network or device, looking for specific critical data – collecting any documents from images to PDF’s. The hackers will then demand a ransom and if this isn’t paid within a given time frame, they will delete the data.

Doxware – Doxware is a type of ransomware that hackers threaten to publicly release and expose sensitive information if the victim does not pay the demanded ransom.

With these and many more different types of software out there to breach your organisation, keep an eye our for anything out of the ordinary when using your devices.

Remember, if something doesn’t look right, don’t open it!