4 Pump Court

We are proud to have successfully onboarded 4 Pump Court, who are a commercial Barristers’ Chambers in central London, recognised internationally for their outstanding level of expertise.

“The transition of our IT services to Eloquent Technologies was entirely trouble-free. This was largely due to the amount of preparatory work completed in advance by the dedicated project management team who guided us through what was a complex process.

Throughout the onboarding, Eloquent demonstrated their extensive technical knowledge and practical problem-solving abilities which were crucial in ensuring the process was completed as seamlessly as possible and with no disruption for our users.

I am delighted that we appointed Eloquent Technologies to deliver our IT support services and I am looking forward to developing a successful working relationship with them in the coming months and years.”- Jon Robinson, Head of Business Operations at 4 Pump Court.

The move to Eloquent was driven by the need for exceptional service and brilliant technical capability. We are pleased that we have demonstrated this level of service, and we look forward to continuing to develop our partnership; built on credibility, trust, and mutual respect.