College Chambers

College Chambers is an established family and civil law set of Barristers’ Chambers founded in 1989, that have been providing professional legal services to clients for over 30 years.

College Chambers approached Eloquent, as they were frustrated with substandard customer service, inadequate levels of technical support and capability. In particular they were struggling with slow applications, and significant outages that resulted in downtime.They were looking for a technology provider that could prevent this from happening, allowing their team to work efficiently.

Eloquent resolved these issues by providing a solution that makes best use of Cloud environments, providing Clerks with access to their technology from anywhere, at any time.

The new solution means Clerks at College Chambers, now have access to their software, and critical data from anywhere, at any time with technology that is reliable, and 24/7/365 support from a provider that cares.

It is important for College Chambers to provide a first-class service. Now that Eloquent have deployed solutions that allows the team to work efficiently, it means College Chambers can focus on growing as an organisation.

‘Eloquent specified and deployed an excellent tailored solution, which gives us the performance and scalability we need as we pursue an ambitious growth strategy.’- J.Schulz, Senior Clerk at College Chambers.