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Unpredictable things happen

Disaster recovery is an essential part of delivering services to an organisation. But often when the disaster recovery plan is invoked it does not work as well as it should. IT workloads should be replicated to other environments that are geographically diverse, this might be a physical location or a cloud environment.

Many organisations use Eloquent to deliver reliable and effective disaster recovery. Our experts have years of experience customising disaster recovery plans to each organisation individual requirements. Something this critical to the operation of your organisation needs to be handled by the experts.

Simplify your disaster recovery

Reduce Data Loss

Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)
RPOs are set to minimise the amount of data lost when disaster recovery is implemented. These can be customised to provide the right type of protection for single workloads or entire application stacks.

Automated Failover / Failback

We can automate the entire failover and failback process, reducing errors associated with the process of recovering your workloads or an entire site.

Invocation Testing

Testing disaster recovery. Testing is critical to success; the management console will give you the ability to invoke disaster recovery when you wish. This helps increase confidence that your plan works when unpredictable things happen.

Simple Cost-Effective Pricing

Eloquent simplify budgeting, making it easy to determine your total cost for DRaaS with straightforward pricing:

  • Storage price per GB
  • No bandwidth fees
  • No setup fees
  • Choice of contract options
  • Expert customer support included

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